Wednesday, 29 January 2014

People who blogging and whose have websites, their first thinking is how to increase their websites visitors. There are many ways to increase visitors. In these, I found some easy and right ways. Follow the tips below and I think you will success to make plentiful of visitors for your website. The steps are below–

1         After your site created, submit it in different search engine. To see how to submit your website in different search engines in 12 hours, follow this post.

2       Write unique article daily in your blog. And share this in your site for free. To see how to make blog in a minute follow this post.
             Remember that your article must be helpful and big, avoid giving wrong information. It is harmful for your blog.

4       Share your blog post (with link) in different social media sites like Facebook, Tweeter, and Digg etc.

5       Submit your blog post in social bookmarking websites. You will get much traffic from it.

       Join in forum sites and put your website link in the signature. It will also help you to increase backlinks
       Comment on those sites which are related with your blog. In the ‘websites’ box in the comment, put your website link there.

8       Use Google Adwords tool to research keyword.

How to increase your websites visitors

9        Add RSS Feed in your blog

1     Go to various community blog and start guest blogging and put your site link.

1  11.   Also add guest blogging in your blog.

1  12.   Participate in Yahoo Answers.

1  13.   Make some backlinks for your blog.

1  14.   Open a fan page for your websites in Facebook.

1  15.   Keep posting on fan page mentioned your blog post.

1  16.   It is best to make your site with CMS link Joomla, Wordpress etc.

1  17.   Do not make black SEO.

1  18.   Post regular in your blog.

1  19.   Give a wonderful template that attracts your visitors.
2  20.   Use a common name for your blog.

2  21.   Try to keep your blog ad-free or less advertisement.

2  22.   Do not use auto traffic generator.

So what are you waiting for? Make a blog and start posting that is useful to visitors.
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