Friday, 31 January 2014

1.       Change permalink without redirection.

Permalink is an important thing for SEO. If you create a new blog then you should always be careful to place permalink on your post. But the problem is change permalink of your old blog. If your website have few post then it will not a problem. If you change your permalink then your olds indexes will be indexed renew. 

So if you’re old link are linked in other sites that will not work. So you can lose your websites visitors.

There is an answer to solve of this problem. You can migrate from one permalink to another by using plugin. Then you should use 301 Redirection. You can check your redirection permalink easily by 301 Redirection Checker. And when you change permalinks, then do the following steps – 

Mistakes that will lose your website’s visitors [Part - 1]

1.       Re-generate Sitemap.

2.       Then submit it in search engines.

I shall post part 2 as soon as possible.

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