Thursday, 30 January 2014

Blogging software is also a important thing for Blogging. If you are unfamiliar with the term Desktop blogging software, think of it as a tool to blog with application instead of logging into your Blogger or WordPress. These software allows one to manage multiple blogs of multiple platforms, as well as perform functions like those you can do on admin page or write articles on the fly. And because it is a desktop client, you don’t wait for pages to load. In fact, a lot of bloggers and probloggers has been using them for quite a while and there’s tonnes of reason why they love it.

Today I shall tell you about review of BLOGJET.

  • Platform: Windows only
  • Price: Free trial / €29.95
  • Supports:
  1. TypePad, 
  2. Movable Type,
  3.  Blogger, 
  4. MSN Live Spaces, 
  5. Blogware, BlogHarbor,
  6.  Squarespace, 
  7. Drupal, 
  8. Community Server
  9. Wordpress

 User's Review -  
 Bob Walsh, MicroISV: From Vision to Reality says -

Just before starting this book, I went looking on the Internet for a better way to blog. When I found BlogJet, it took me about 30 seconds to be convinced this was an excellent product presented professionally.”

Features - 

  1. Supports All Leading Blog Services

    2. Word Counter and Blog Statistics

    3. WYSIWYG Editor 

    4. Flickr and YouTube Support

        5.Spell Checker 



7.Categories and Tags

8.Modern Interface

9.Full Unicode Support

10.Post Management and Searching

To see all the feature and download link visit HERE

If you are a blogger and want to make unique post everyday so write it on this software and publist it whenever you want.

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