Tuesday, 18 February 2014

You can protect your blog and its contents from being copied by following the tricks below. This is a two minute trick that a beginner can perform.  Follow the tips below to disable right-click and Ctrl+C to prevent copy/paste on Blogger.

1. Login in Blogger.

2. Go on layout Tab.

3. Click 'Add a Gadget.'

Protect your blog from being copy
Protect your blog from being copy

4. Find 'Html and JavaScript Code' and click on it.

5. In title write 'Copy protector by www.bloggersakil.blogspot.com'

6. Now copy these codes below - 

7. Click in done.

Protect your blog from being copy

8. All done.

Now people can't stole any contents from your blog.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Everyone wants to make a blog. There are many platforms to create websites. But some of them are very popular and free. You can create your own website there and start blogging. Today I shall tell you about Top 3 best free blogging sites.

1. Blogger - It is most popular and free blogging platform from Google. It is a great platform for beginners and advanced users. You can make many site like magazine, gaming, forum etc with Blogger. Its features are -

  1. You can design your blog with most wonderful templates.
  2. You can edit your template using CSS or Html.
  3. No hosting needed.
  4. They also provide you a free sub-domain.
  5. You can also add your custom top level domains like .com, .net etc
  6. You can create up to 100 blogs in one accounts.

Top 3 best free blogging sites

2. Wordpress - It is also similar to Blogger. They can provide you a free sub-domain like Yourdomain.wordpress.com. They also provide you a free CMS of them. But you need custom domain and hosting  to host their CMS. It is also a great platform to start Blogging.You can also see How to make wordpress blog.

3. Weebly - It is  is an American free web-hosting service. As of August 2013, Weebly hosts over 15 million sites, with a monthly rate of over 100 million unique visitors. So it is in top 3. Weebly offers a free online website creator. It uses a simplistic widget-based site builder that operates in the web browser like Blogger.

  1. It works with Microsoft WindowsMac OS and Linux computers.
  2. drag-and-drop website builder.
  3. It automatically generates a mobile version of each website.
  4. Awesome themes for your blog.
  5. It lets site owners use a subdomain name if one is available.

Top 3 best free blogging sites

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Many people want to create a magazine blog for their company or personal hobby. Some people can create it by Wordpress. But many people doesn't know how to create it. So today I shall show you How to make magazine style blog. It is free and you can create it with Blogger. So follow these steps -

How to make magazine style blog with blogger.

1. Sign in into Blogger and create a blog. You can also see How to make a blog in a minute.
How to make magazine style blog with blogger.

2. Go to templates menu of your blog.

3. Click Edit-HTML.

 How to make magazine style blog with blogger.

4. Select Crtl+A in your keyboard

5. Tap delete on your keyboard.

6. Now DOWNLOAD this file.

7. When download complete open that file.

OPEN JohnyBackup

8. You will see a  JohnyBackup.xml file in it.

9. Open it in Wordpad or Notepad.

10. Copy all the texts.

11. Now put all texts into your Bloggers Templates text box.

12. All done. Now save it.

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Yesterday I posted about Mistakes that will lose your website’s visitors [Part - 2]. To see this post click here. Today I shall also tell you about a mistake. It is below-

2. Sitemap missing -

Sitemap is a very important thing to submit your website's link in different search engines. Also see how to submit your site in search engine in 12 hours. You should always be careful about your websites sitemap and be sure all links of your posts are submitted there. Now the best sitemaps are - Google XML Sitemap and Wordpress SEO Plugin.You can also use it in your site's pictures and videos. If your site has so much videos then you should use Yeost Video SEO Plugin.

Mistakes that will lose your website’s visitors [Part - 2] - Sitemap missing

You should always check in 2-3 days about any links of your sitemap are missing. Then you can also use Google Webmaster. You could see everything about your website's SEO and sitemap's information here.

So If your sitemap is missing, then re-submit in Google Webmaster with fixed link. I think it should solve the problem.

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Friday, 31 January 2014

1.       Change permalink without redirection.

Permalink is an important thing for SEO. If you create a new blog then you should always be careful to place permalink on your post. But the problem is change permalink of your old blog. If your website have few post then it will not a problem. If you change your permalink then your olds indexes will be indexed renew. 

So if you’re old link are linked in other sites that will not work. So you can lose your websites visitors.

There is an answer to solve of this problem. You can migrate from one permalink to another by using plugin. Then you should use 301 Redirection. You can check your redirection permalink easily by 301 Redirection Checker. And when you change permalinks, then do the following steps – 

Mistakes that will lose your website’s visitors [Part - 1]

1.       Re-generate Sitemap.

2.       Then submit it in search engines.

I shall post part 2 as soon as possible.

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Also see - 

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Blogging software is also a important thing for Blogging. If you are unfamiliar with the term Desktop blogging software, think of it as a tool to blog with application instead of logging into your Blogger or WordPress. These software allows one to manage multiple blogs of multiple platforms, as well as perform functions like those you can do on admin page or write articles on the fly. And because it is a desktop client, you don’t wait for pages to load. In fact, a lot of bloggers and probloggers has been using them for quite a while and there’s tonnes of reason why they love it.

Today I shall tell you about review of BLOGJET.

  • Platform: Windows only
  • Price: Free trial / €29.95
  • Supports:
  1. TypePad, 
  2. Movable Type,
  3.  Blogger, 
  4. MSN Live Spaces, 
  5. Blogware, BlogHarbor,
  6.  Squarespace, 
  7. Drupal, 
  8. Community Server
  9. Wordpress

 User's Review -  
 Bob Walsh, MicroISV: From Vision to Reality says -

Just before starting this book, I went looking on the Internet for a better way to blog. When I found BlogJet, it took me about 30 seconds to be convinced this was an excellent product presented professionally.”

Features - 

  1. Supports All Leading Blog Services

    2. Word Counter and Blog Statistics

    3. WYSIWYG Editor 

    4. Flickr and YouTube Support

        5.Spell Checker 



7.Categories and Tags

8.Modern Interface

9.Full Unicode Support

10.Post Management and Searching

To see all the feature and download link visit HERE

If you are a blogger and want to make unique post everyday so write it on this software and publist it whenever you want.

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

People who blogging and whose have websites, their first thinking is how to increase their websites visitors. There are many ways to increase visitors. In these, I found some easy and right ways. Follow the tips below and I think you will success to make plentiful of visitors for your website. The steps are below–

1         After your site created, submit it in different search engine. To see how to submit your website in different search engines in 12 hours, follow this post.

2       Write unique article daily in your blog. And share this in your site for free. To see how to make blog in a minute follow this post.
             Remember that your article must be helpful and big, avoid giving wrong information. It is harmful for your blog.

4       Share your blog post (with link) in different social media sites like Facebook, Tweeter, and Digg etc.

5       Submit your blog post in social bookmarking websites. You will get much traffic from it.

       Join in forum sites and put your website link in the signature. It will also help you to increase backlinks
       Comment on those sites which are related with your blog. In the ‘websites’ box in the comment, put your website link there.

8       Use Google Adwords tool to research keyword.

How to increase your websites visitors

9        Add RSS Feed in your blog

1     Go to various community blog and start guest blogging and put your site link.

1  11.   Also add guest blogging in your blog.

1  12.   Participate in Yahoo Answers.

1  13.   Make some backlinks for your blog.

1  14.   Open a fan page for your websites in Facebook.

1  15.   Keep posting on fan page mentioned your blog post.

1  16.   It is best to make your site with CMS link Joomla, Wordpress etc.

1  17.   Do not make black SEO.

1  18.   Post regular in your blog.

1  19.   Give a wonderful template that attracts your visitors.
2  20.   Use a common name for your blog.

2  21.   Try to keep your blog ad-free or less advertisement.

2  22.   Do not use auto traffic generator.

So what are you waiting for? Make a blog and start posting that is useful to visitors.
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